/prudio slash command

You can now use the new command /prudio to get information directly from the Slack.


/prudio list

To list all of the Widget installed in your team.

This list will give you a short overview of your Widgets including the number that identifies your Widget (1, 2, 3, etc).

/prudio on [Number]

To turn ON the Widget identified by the number [Number].

/prudio off [Number]

Same has above but to turn off. Turn OFF the Widget identified by the number [Number].


Q: I cannot see the /prudio command in my account

A: No problem. Just login to you account in app.prudio.com.

Q: What does ON/OFF means to my widget?

A: ON: the icon will show up in your page. OFF: the icon will not be visible.

Q: Can I automate this to turn on and off during business hours?

A: Not yet. We are working on a scheduler and will release it ASAP :)